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Shipping and Returns Policy

April 28, 2014

Shipped Items

Items shipped using a Fryppery supplied label are guaranteed for 15 days from the date of purchase. Since buyers do not have the opportunity to inspect shipped items before taking delivery, Fryppery will provide a full refund (less shipping) if the item does not match the donor’s description on Fryppery will email return instructions (including a link to a new prepaid shipping label). To receive a refund, the buyer must ship the item, in its original packaging, within 7 days of receiving a return label.

If a purchased item is never received, Fryppery will provide a full refund (including shipping) to the buyer. A refund can be requested if a shipment notification is not received within 7 business days of purchase, or an item is not received within 10 business days (for Priority/Express/First-Class shipping) or 14 days (for Parcel Post/Media/Standard shipping) of purchase.

Shipping Insurance

All items that are shipped using a pre-paid shipping label include USPS insurance based on the price paid for the item, package type, and service class. In the event of a claim for loss or damage in shipping within a 15 day period, the purchase price (including shipping charges) will be returned to the buyer.

In accordance with USPS policy, Fryppery will assist buyer in filing with USPS any claim on buyer’s behalf concerning a lost or damaged shipment. Note that although a claim can be made with USPS, a claim occurring after 15 days is ineligible for a Fryppery refund of the sales price. USPS will process any such later claim in accordance with their policies.

Note that under USPS guidelines, claims for damaged shipments must be made no later than 60 days from mailing date. Claims for a lost Express Mail package must be made no later than 90 days after the original mailing date, and claims for all other packages must be made no later than 180 days after the original mailing date. Fryppery will pay the proceeds of any shipping insurance claim it receives over to buyer.

For any shipping insurance claim at any time, USPS requires that buyer retain the damaged article and mailing container (including wrapping, packaging, and contents). USPS may require buyer to turn the materials over to a Post Office for inspection, retention, and disposition in accordance with the claims decision.

Locally Delivered Items

Items delivered locally are guaranteed from the time of payment until the buyer has an opportunity to see, touch and inspect the item, which is at the time of pickup. If an item does not match the donor’s description, the buyer must not take possession of the item.  Any item that the donor has and will not take possession of can be refunded at any time within 15 days of purchase. Fryppery will refund the buyer’s money once the donor has confirmed that the buyer did not take possession of the item. If the donor does not respond to Fryppery’s request for a confirmation within 10 days, the buyer’s money will be refunded.

If the buyer takes possession of an item and subsequently discovers a significant discrepancy between the donor’s description and the received item that could not be readily discovered at the time of pickup, Fryppery will refund the purchase price and provide return instructions.

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