Unclutter your closet.. and earn good Karma!

    Holidays are approaching. Are you planning to hit the sales? Sales have a way of making us buy more than we can possibly use, and hoard it for future use… but sometimes, that stuff we bought for a special occasion never gets used and is lying on the hanger in the closet for ages.

    Come spring and you decide to clean your closet; and see those dresses, bags and shoes just gathering dust in the closet. What do you do with these? Leave it in the closet for another year? Give it to GoodWill? Save it for your kids/ niece?

    believe it or not, buying is sometimes a very emotional experience for us girls! It is hard for us to just give that designer dress that we never had an occasion to wear to GoodWill. It may just be put into a pile of clother without anyone appreciating what a special dress it is. We want to make sureIMG_4464 that it gets appreciated by the new owner, that it gets a good home :)

    Consider using Fryppery! You can choose your price, choose your charity that you want the proceeds to go to, and you can choose to donate all 100% of the proceeds to go to the charity of your choice; or choose to give 50% to the charity. The item that was useless to you gets a new home, someone gets a good deal, and you raise money for charity and make a difference to someone’s life. Whats there to lose?

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